Who is Symmetry Lending

Symmetry Lending is a technology-based financial services company, registered and operating as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).

Symmetry’s streamlined technology combined with its experienced leadership team and relationship network is the foundation to its three primary value propositions: Loan Fulfillment Services, Loan Servicing, and Capital Markets Master Servicing.

Symmetry is built on a commitment to delivering best-in-class service with a speedy and simple experience.

Brian MacInnis icon

Brian MacInnis

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

As Symmetry’s CEO, Brian’s inspiration drives the same people-first culture that has led to the success of his previous businesses. In partnership with his leadership team, Brian’s vision is achieved through passionate leadership, veteran experience with lending businesses large and small, and a contagious entrepreneurial spirit.

Brian began his finance and lender career with Western Financial Savings (WFS) in southern California, where he became EVP of the auto finance division that was built under his leadership. Eventually selling to larger banks, this same finance operation is now owned and managed by Wells Fargo. After 17 years with WFS, Brian founded Onyx Acceptance Corp, another successful finance company that became a public company with an IPO in just 24 months of existence. Today, this business is owned and managed by Capital One.

Most recently, Brian had the good fortune of working with many of the same team members that now lead Symmetry Lending. As the co-founder of Gateway One Lending & Finance, Brian built the auto finance business that later sold to TCF Bank in 2011. Forming Gateway in 2007 and leading it through the great economic recession was a true test to Brian’s leadership, perseverance, and disciplined business strategy. While at TCF, Brian’s expertise was also utilized in other verticals, including a role as EVP, National Mortgage Lending, where he introduced the bank to a new capital markets strategy of building and servicing loan portfolios for other institutions.

Brian considers his greatest success to be the family-like culture that is the backbone of Symmetry’s employees and business partners.

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David MacInnis

Co-founder and President

In partnership with his brother, David is a co-founder of Symmetry and serves as the company’s President. This role is certainly familiar territory for David as he and Brian have been partners for many years. Bringing a healthy balance to Brian’s vision with some alternative perspectives, the one unwavering principle is their shared view of a people-first culture.

A driver of operational efficiencies, David is never short on ideas for utilizing technology and finding better ways to achieve the company’s goals. Beginning his career at Bank of America, where he became the head of loan servicing, David has led very large teams for many years. Teaming up with Brian for the first time in business, David brought his team leading abilities to WFS where he served as EVP of Operations. The partnership continued to grow stronger as the brothers joined again at Onyx Acceptance Corp, where David again led the large operational staff as EVP, Loan Servicing & Operations.

After more than a decade with Onyx, and leading the company through the transition of Capital One’s acquisition, David once again partnered with Brian as the co-founder and President of Gateway One Lending & Finance. David continued to serve as Gateway’s President for over 10 years prior to co-founding Symmetry Lending.

Like Brian, David is most proud of the family-like culture that is the backbone of Symmetry’s employees and business partners.