HELOC Closing Costs/Fees

Your HELOC Heroes are saving the day with increased borrower-paid broker fees!

Join us as we now offer up to $1500 in borrower-paid broker fees, just another way we're serving our loan origination partners at Symmetry Lending.

  • Lender Origination Fee: $350.00 (Except in New Jersey)
  • Lender Application Fee: $350.00 (New Jersey Only)
  • JR Title Fees: for HELOCs greater than $250k
  • If HELOC request is greater than $250K a full appraisal will be required at market determined cost. The cost of the appraisal will be paid by the borrower in place of the BPO fee
  • Recording Fees
  • Third-Party Fees
  • Valuation Reports: $125 (if your appraisal is expired or if a PIW was utilized on the first mortgage transaction)
  • Appraisals / Bifurcated Appraisals / Desktop Appraisals, when ordered by Symmetry, will be charged to the borrower.
  • Broker Fee: Borrower-paid Broker Fee may be charged by Mortgage Company/Broker for origination and/or settlement services actually performed in conjunction with a HELOC, in accordance with the following chart:
Piggyback HELOCs
(Concurrent & Post-Close Piggybacks)
Stand-Alone HELOCs
$500 Broker Fee: allowed, regardless of HELOC line size$750 Broker Fee: allowed for HELOC amounts below $100.000
$1,000 Broker Fee: allowed for HELOC amounts between $100.000 - $199.999
$1,500 Broker Fee: allowed for HELOC amounts $200,000 and above

Please Note: In order for Symmetry to collect this fee on your behalf, you MUST notify Symmetry of this at the time of loan submission.

Symmetry Lending has listed the fees involved or provided a range of fees that are to be paid by the borrower. Some of the fees are not known or controlled by Symmetry Lending or are set by the market of the collateral location.

Symmetry Lending will utilize the 1st mortgage title work on HELOCs of $250k or less when closed as a Piggyback.

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