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"This was our very first experience with Symmetry and we are very pleased with how smoothly everything went."

Amy Yamamoto, Branch Manager & Senior Loan Consultant Caliber Home Loans
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Symmetry’s Concurrent Piggyback brings you the certainty you need in your combo purchase or refinance transaction. This is the perfect product for borrowers who want to avoid jumbo guidelines or mortgage insurance, or who need increased flexibility with their long-term liquidity planning. It’s a prime example of our commitment to service, speed, and simplicity. Visit our Forms page to view rates, guidelines, and instructions for submitting your Symmetry Concurrent Piggyback. Contact your Area Manager today to learn how to add this great product to your toolkit.

Post-Close Piggyback

The perfect solution for the home buyer who has down-payment funds but wants a secure HELOC for new home furnishings, immediate upgrades, or simply replenishing liquidity. When a HELOC is submitted to symmetry within 120 days of the closing of the first mortgage, we will treat that loan as a Piggyback rather than a Stand-Alone. This provides the certainty, pricing, and underwriting guidelines of a Piggyback, but it is not required to close concurrently with your first mortgage. Contact your Area Manager today to learn how a Post-Close Piggyback can help your borrowers enjoy their new purchase even more!

Stand-Alone HELOC

Since many borrowers already have a great rate on an existing first mortgage and strong equity in their home, this is a great product for their cash-out, debt consolidation, and home improvement needs. This product is designed specifically for Symmetry's loan originator partners who want to retain their borrower relationships. All workflow and borrower contact stays in your control. Contact your Area Manager today to learn how to use this product to protect your relationships!


Be sure to check out our Knowledge Center for access to our latest rates, our Credit & Income Guidelines, and all of the forms you'll need to submit your HELOC application